900 Iron Chariots

“And the Sons of Israel cried out to Yahweh for he had 900 chariots of iron and he forcefully oppressed the Sons of Israel for twenty years.” (Judges 4:3) Twenty years of oppression. We have no sense of longevity and the big picture anymore. If something does not begin and end in a period of… More 900 Iron Chariots


“After him, Shamgar, the son of Anath, who slew Philistines — 600 men — with the goad of an ox. He also saved Israel.  (Judges 3:31) Shamgar is a judge that we know almost nothing about. He is only mentioned here and in Judges 5:6 (which is a historical note). The historical note from Judges… More Shamgar

Humbling Moab

“And they struck down Moabites at that time — 10,000 men, all fat and all men of strength and not a man was able to flee to safety. Thus, Moab was humbled on that day under the hand of Israel…and the land had rest for 80 years.” (Judges 3:29-30) And as we see this account… More Humbling Moab

The Trumpet Call

“And it came to pass that he arrived and blew the shofar on the mountain of Ephraim. And the Sons of Israel went out with him from the mountain and he was before them. And he said to them, ‘Follow me, for Yahweh has given your enemies, the Moabites, into your hand. So, they went… More The Trumpet Call